Benefits of Self-Service Data Preparation for Your Business

Data preparation tools have been used for the longest time to help prepare data before mining them. They are part of data mining products. Data platforms offer self-service abilities that enable users to combine, manage and clean relevant data before analysis. It allows you to prepare data beforehand. Several tools in this category target business analysts although there are products targeting data scientists as well. The level of knowledge needed depends on the offering in question. A company like Paxata provides self-service data prep to business analysts.

For you to make informed business decisions, data sources should be integrated. There are various options for self-service data integration which allows you to combine data sources easily. Instead of depending on the IT department to provide everything you need, do it yourself. The following are the main benefits.

Saves Time

Business users wait for weeks or months before IT teams can integrate data sources. However, data prep tools make analytics dialogue a reality by helping users integrate data sources easily. You don’t have to wait anymore because you can combine data easily.

There Is No Need for Data Modeling

Data prep tools do not limit analytical possibilities. You can do anything using such tools and improve operations. Moreover, they expanded questions which you can ask to help you understand the process. While the cost of user license can be intimidating, you will notice the return on your investment.

Expands the Range Of Data Sources

Analysts have access to a wide range of data. It simplifies the work of integration and makes it easy for analysts to work with various sources of data. Furthermore, self-service tools facilitate data integration by clicking and dragging an icon in a user interface. Data preparation solutions perform various functions such as data blending, combining data sources through the user interface.

What It Does

There are numerous functions to undertake before data becomes ready. For example, you have to cleanse, or re-duplicate data. You may also need to combine data from multiple sources and change it into a consistent format. However, products under this category give avenues with friendly user-interface and help you perform tasks. In case you want to combine two sets of data, there is software to help you do that. Such products contain machine learning and semantic abilities built in. Data preparations can audit what you are doing. It guides you in the right direction in case you are lost. Moreover, since it can see data being analyzed, IT can provide a suitable handle to improve efficiency.

Emerging Trends

Data preparation market is emerging. Vendors are looking at different sectors of the market to venture into. They are comparing business analysts and data analysts. There should be a distinction between products as vendors venture into other areas. Data preparation targets business analysts in businesses that employ it. Data scientists also use it to prepare analyses without IT knowledge. However, IT offers other benefits other than being able to monitor what is happening. It reduces IT workload and makes work easy. Self-service data preparation platforms ensure data governance.