Amazing E-commerce Digital Agency Hacks

The web design of an e-Commerce is one of the most important aspects for its success. And it is that the web is going to be the scenario in which the product is probably the first contact between the user and the online store.And, according to different studies, an e-Commerce only has 10 seconds to make a good impression and convey what they will find on your site. After that time, they will leave.

5 keys to a successful e-Commerce web design

Let’s analyze one by one the main points to take into account to achieve a good web design for your e-commerce:


It is clear by the catapult revenue advises that one of the main keys to web design for e-Commerce is usability. It is essential that e-commerce has a clear and simple structure, and that the user knows perfectly thatthis is the path to follow within the site and allow a practical, useful and simple navigation, both in the PC and mobile versions.


The art of catapult revenue design involves influencing where the user should look Ecommerce Business, and for this, the best strategy is actually nothing. The truth is that what it is been referring to the blank spaces, or the negative space of a web page.

Color range

However, vacuum is not the only way to influence the visual flow of the user. Colors also help to highlight elements in an e-commerce, especially complementary colors.Catapult revenueColor theory is something worth studying when creating any design element. Each color has another complementary color that contrasts it.


Traditionally, typography has been a real headache for web designers, since browsers could only present the text of an online store with the fonts that the user had installed on their computer.

Harmony of the elements

It is important to know how to find a balance between all the aspects that influence the web design of an e-commerce. And here comes he professionals like catapult revenue. One must flee from situations in which everything is concentrated in the same point. And it is that a website is like a scale, and everything must be located in such a way that there is harmony between all the elements that compose it.