Putting All of Your Business Information in One Place

When you run a business, there are many documents and important paperwork that must be kept in a safe place. These could be regulations from your local or federal government, tax papers or forms and letters you use in your daily work. In the past, all of this documentation needed to be kept in locked files in offices and they eventually would take up a lot of room in your office. Many businesses would get overwhelmed with the amount of paper they generated each year. While many documents can be destroyed at the end of the year, many others need to be kept for a period of time requiring that you provide the room for them. Today, however, all of this information can be kept safely on the computer system you have installed in your business. There are software programs that are designed to be used by only those members of your staff that would need to have access to them. These intranet systems are easily installed and can be ready to use within minutes.

What Documents Should Be Kept Confidential

Any documentation that your business may keep on their customers and clients can be put into one of these business intranet systems. They are secured there and only users that have been given permission to enter the system can view them. Any tax documentation you have, such as your companies tax returns for seven years, can be filed into these systems. One feature that many of them has is an added permission code that is needed to access this information since you may not want everyone who is on the intranet to see your business financial records.

Any rules and regulations that may come from your state government can also be kept there as well as your company’s emergency plan. Only those employees that need to have access can be given special codes that they will enter to join the software system and then once they have been allowed to get in, they can set up a username and password. Your companies IT department should be responsible for the upkeep of this software and they should have records of all usernames and passwords. You can set up email addresses within the system so that confidential emails that are sent can be stored on them securely.

All businesses will eventually need to install these programs into their computers because of the changing regulations regarding internet security and confidentiality violations. You can find a company that sells these software packages on the internet and contact them to see if they can install what you want for your business. The company will be able to install the system into your computers and train your staff on how to use it. Many times, these programs have safeguards in place that make it more difficult for the average user to access. Training is essential so that all of the staff who will be on it can use it correctly. Additional training may be required if the software is upgraded and you should make arrangements to have this done as soon as possible.