How Small Businesses Use Spreadsheets Daily

Some software programs can be used in a variety of ways to help small businesses complete daily tasks. In fact, spreadsheets are an important part of most businesses around the globe because they can be used to collect comprehensive data, manage lists, track trends and develop reports, among many other purposes. Ultimately, both offline and web-based spreadsheets can help your business maintain efficiency and effectiveness. There are many features in some software programs that most years simply don’t know how to use. Conveniently, there are companies like Klipfolio that can help maximize your use of Excel spreadsheets for reporting based on the needs of your company.

Most people are only familiar with the basic functions of spreadsheet programs, mainly because they have not taken the time to understand the more complex features that have the capability of significantly simplifying processes. You can use spreadsheets to organize large volumes of information that have to be sorted based on a range of different factors. This allows users to manage spreadsheets with much greater ease. Software programs like Excel have been a staple in the corporate environment for many decades, and its popularity doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

Because of the ease in which they can manage numbers, spreadsheet programs are most commonly used in the financial arena. Users can create formulas that calculate reports based on weekly, quarterly and annual data. The capabilities are often contingent upon the users level of knowledge – the more you understand the program, the more you can automate documents. Everyone from students to seasoned professionals use spreadsheets to calculate statistical formulas because they can be employed to create pie charts and graphs.

One of the most common ways in which leaders use spreadsheet programs is to manage teams and projects because it helps to ensure goals and objectives are met, such as on time project delivery. When all stakeholders have access to the spreadsheet for a project, it allows them to easily access updates to ensure everyone is on the same page. There are also scheduling features in spreadsheet programs that can be coded and automatically updated based on the status of different tasks and project activities.

Spreadsheets can be used for many accounting functions, such managing a checkbook ledger, expenditures and deposits. Some financial services professionals even use spreadsheet software to develop documents that are very much similar to traditional ledger books. The reason spreadsheets are preferred is because they offer the flexibility of creating different kinds of graphs that can be easily altered and manipulated as data changes throughout the year.

A unique way in which spreadsheets can be used is to manage customer information. For example, you can store contact information and other key details. You can code the information in such a way that it updates in other fields associated with the client. Whether the spreadsheet software that you choose is offline or web-based, it’s a good idea to obtain training on the different features so that you can maximize use of the program.