How to hire a software development company on a shoestring budget

When you have already made the decision to carry out a software development project for your company or project, the natural question that arises is: And now who do you choose as a supplier? What should you look for or inquire to know if it is the right one and will take me step by step along the way? Here are some points that can help you when deciding:

Development methodology

It is essential that the supplier has a development methodology. Development methodologies offer providers to have processes and procedures that avoid chaos during development, a provider that does not have a methodology has a high risk of not coming to fruition with development.

Certifications are not too much

While a well-supported and developed methodology enhances the success of the project, a methodology not applied or not required from the supplier is not of much use. When a supplier has certifications that are accredited by evidence of their use, the path to obtaining quality development landing on the defined requirements is very short.


What, how long and under what conditions is the software development assured? Reviewing the guarantee sections with which the supplier operates is a criterion that you must take into account, otherwise you may find surprises in many situations. Although there are conditions where guarantees do not apply, it is important to know which ones do apply and under what terms.

Get to know him more

Visit the offices of your provider, ask for the CV’s of the team that will participate and talk with them, don’t be embarrassed to inquire about the clients the provider has served, talking with them can give us valuable information that helps you decide if you want to be partners of business.

As you can see, these are just some important criteria that if you take them into account you will be able to find a Software Development provider like Velvetech that will surely lead you to success in your project without so many obstacles along the way.